These 10 cult-fave gadgets will make life so much easier, starting at $9

These 10 cult-fave gadgets will make life so much easier, starting at $9
You never knew you needed these gadgets —  but you absolutely do.  (Photo: Amazon)

You never knew you needed these gadgets — but you absolutely do. (Photo: Amazon)

Some of our favorite things start off as a recommendation from a friend. Whether they swear by a cleaning must-have or something to make dinner prep a little less exhausting, we rely on those in the know to give us the scoop on what really works. Now, imagine you had access to the opinions of tens of thousands of friends from all different walks of life — if that many people rally behind something, there’s no way it’s a dud. No need to join any new social media groups; instead, trust the opinions of countless Amazon reviewers. They know how to differentiate something gimmicky from something great; they’re a discerning bunch, and you can use their knowledge to your advantage. Scroll down for our favorite Amazon gadgets with cult-favorite status.

You don’t have to be a DIYer to appreciate this multi-tool. More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a perfect five-star rating.

“Not super heavy duty but what I expected and more, shared a rave reviewer. “Handy, useful to have on each floor in the house for quick repairs and smaller projects without pulling from tool box and returning to garage. Good camp tool for sure.”

You’ll never be without your charging cable or bottle opener again with this keychain. Perfect for traveling — you’re always going to need to charge your phone and you never know when the bottles aren’t twist-off!

“This is a handy gadget for anyone who has a phone, so everyone!” shared one of 2,000 rave reviewers. “It clips to my wallet key holder or the inside of my handbag, along with a small battery pack. I don’t fear being left without power or a way to get it. These are great to keep in your glove box or a gift for a friend that never seems to have a cord and ‘borrows’ yours.”

If there’s someone in your life who likes to spend time in the garage tinkering, this is a deal you shouldn’t pass up — it’s nearly 60% off! This creeper lets you get on the ground and underneath whatever you’re fixing and keeps you comfortable. More than 15,000 shoppers give it a perfect five-star rating.

“I’m a bigger guy and squatting out crawling under my jeep can be a challenge at times,” shared a rave reviewer. “This creeper allows me to comfortably lay down and roll under my jeep or simply sit down when I am working at a higher level. More sturdy and reliable than other creepers I have tried.”

If you’re a late-night reader or just can’t seem to put down the crossword at bedtime, this reading light might just change your routine. It’s horseshoe-shaped and hangs around your neck like a necklace with two little lights on the end. It’s also rechargeable, adjustable and has over 68,000 five-star fans.

“I honestly only bought this on a whim but now I’m not sure how I can continue life without it,” reported a rave reviewer. “Amazing for reading, crochet, power outages, camping….10/10.”

Got neck and shoulder pain? This weighted heating pad is made just for your neck and shoulders and has a fastener to keep it in place for a soothing experience. Proof is in the reviews — nearly 3,000 shoppers rave about how it eases their aches.

“It makes my headaches go away almost immediately,” reported a rave reviewer. “I had reconstructive shoulder surgery and nothing ever worked except for this. I love it. 10/10”

If you do a lot of cooking, your entire body will thank you for taking advantage of this deal. This anti-fatigue kitchen mat will give your feet so much cushion that your whole body will be at ease after taking the last casseroles and pies out of the oven.

“I am so happy I bought this,” wrote one of 3,000+ five-star fans. “I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. My feet get sore easily after working in retail for 15 years wearing awful shoes. Any comfort I can get at home doing something I love is well worth the investment. Super cushiony. I ordered a different brand and they did not come close to this one!”

The 32-page Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is perfect for the student, the professional or anyone who takes lots of notes. The No. 1 bestseller is also a dream solution for those who want to reduce paper waste and clutter. Simply send handwritten notes to the cloud and then wipe the pages clean for reuse. It has nearly 50,000 five-star ratings! The Rocketbook is currently available in two sizes and 17 colors and comes with a Pilot Frixion pen and a microfiber cloth.

“The Rocketbook was a great find,” shared a rave reviewer. “It allows me to keep track of notes rather than notebooks (I’ve used and lost many). The cool thing that I have found with it is the ease that it is with setting up and storage of notes. I like the fact that it is quick and easy with simple shortcuts. I recommend it for those struggling to track and find notebooks.”

Professional organizers will tell you that the key to a happy pantry is to swap out all those ugly cardboard boxes and polypropylene for clear containers so you know exactly what you have. This seven-piece set, complete with reusable labels, does just that — plus their easy-lock lids ensure maximum freshness. Over 18,000 five-star reviewers rank them as perfection.

This happy reviewer gets it: “Great organizers to bring some calm to your chaos and not just for food! My pantry finally looks organized. The containers are heavy-duty and seal very well…I recommend these multi-purpose containers to anyone who wants to bring some calm to their chaos, whether it’s food, craft supplies or anything you need to securely store.”

This Coffee Mug Warmer is an easy going little guy, with only an on/off switch and an indicator light telling you when your drink is hot — it takes less than two minutes to do its thing! I really appreciate its simplicity in this chaotic day and age. It has a nice long cord, wipes clean easily and is tiny enough to fit in a carry-on. Yes, I plan to bring it with me on vacation this summer. And yes that might sound a bit nuts but hey, call me crazy. I’m hooked.

“It is so convenient!” reported one of over 3,000 five-star fans. “You just put your tea cup on it, it will automatically warm your drink at once, you don’t have to push any button, when you take your tea cup away from it for drink, it also automatically stops working, you do nothing , and you always have warm drinks. Great one! Much better than other warmers. I bought 4 of them already. hahaha”

How’s this for a problem-solver? A basket that you can hang next to the door to hold your mail, keys and whatever else you need to corral. 12,000 five-star reviewers have already gotten their goods sorted.

“Perfect for the space I had in mind,” shared a rave reviewer. “Needed something in our closet for my husband to hang his hats & belt on and keep his wallet and other stuff he keeps in his pockets all in one place. Worked out perfectly!”

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