Daily Mail: Buckingham Palace decided to call Queen Camilla

According to the newspaper, the first sign of change to come was the renaming of the charity The Queen’s Reading Room, which was formerly called The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room.

A number of major UK publications have already stopped using the “consort” prefix in publications about Camilla Parker-Bowles.

This is not a unique event in British history. For example, King George VI’s wife, Elizabeth, was also known as the Queen, even though she was technically a queen consort. Nevertheless, such a decision is intended not only to add convenience, but also to significantly improve the image of Camilla.

Shortly before her death, Queen Elizabeth II expressed a formal wish to bestow on Camilla the title of Queen Consort, although upon her marriage to then Prince of Wales Charles (in 2005), a statement from the Buckingham Palace has declared that she will hold the title of Princess Consort when Charles takes the throne.

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