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Mycelial community |  Alpha Reminiscence

The mycelial community

Contained in the mycelial community

The veins and muscular tissues that maintain our galaxies collectively.

The mycelial community was a discrete subspace area containing the mycelium, or roots, of the fungus Prototaxites stellaviatori. The community could possibly be conceptualized as an unlimited microscopic internet, an intergalactic ecosystem, or an infinite variety of roads main all over the place. It spanned your complete multiverse that included the identified universe and all different quantum realities. (DIS: “Select Your Ache“,”Regardless of Your self“)

Its matter contained in the community was totally different from that in regular area. The JahSepp had been a species that specialised in breaking down all matter that entered the mycelial community to make it helpful in new methods. (DIS: “Saints of Imperfection“)

The intersection between the mycelial community and regular area was referred to as the mycelial barrier. A ship using spore drive existed contained in the mycelial community for just a few miliseconds throughout a leap. A partial leap on a predetermined course with no set finish level may go away the ship half in, half out of the community, the ship functioning as a doorstop. Whereas contained in the community, mycelia would assault and decompose the ship, though it took a while to eat by tritanium. (DIS: “Saints of Imperfection“)


The community could possibly be accessed through the mycelium spores of P. stellaviatori. Not less than two applied sciences had been primarily based on it, the Terran Empire’s super-mycelial reactor, and Starfleet’s Spore drive. Moreover, lifeforms such because the macroscopic tardigrade, which may journey by the community naturally. (DIS: “Select Your Ache“,”What’s Previous Is Prologue“)

These touring alongside the community would possibly discover themselves near-instantaneously transported over lengthy distances, or to the identical coordinates in a special universe. Whereas touring to a different universe, there was a danger of “overshooting” and arriving months later than meant. (DIS: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry“,”Regardless of Your self“,”What’s Previous Is Prologue“)

The multiverse

Whereas experimenting with spore drive, USS Discovery discovered pockets of unfavourable mass inside the knowledge it accrued. The crew theorized that these may point out various parallel universes related to the mycelial community. Nevertheless, the precise coordinates of a few of these extra esoteric locations eluded the ship, till Lorca managed to fill in these gaps utilizing a extremely complicated leap sample. With these coordinates, Discovery obtained the flexibility to cross into the mirror universe. (DIS: “Into the Forest I Go“,”Regardless of Your self“)

2250s menace

Within the mirror universe, Paul Stamets utilized the mycelial community with a purpose to construct a super-mycelial reactor. Nevertheless, the know-how had a serious flaw: its orb aspect pulled energy immediately out of the community in a manner that prevented it from regenerating itself, and actually poisoned it, spreading an infection again up into the mycelial system.

The mycelial community on the viewscreen as Discovery travels alongside it

This triggered the community to deteriorate throughout your complete multiverse, in a way which could finally have confirmed irreversible. Results of the corruption included the dying of Prototaxites stellaviatori. If the injury was allowed to proceed, life as we all know it throughout all universes might need ceased. (DIS: “The Struggle With out, The Struggle Inside“,”What’s Previous Is Prologue“)

The disaster was apparently averted when the USS Discovery managed an assault on the ISS Charon, the ship on which the super-mycelial reactor was put in, and severed its orb from the community. The community started regenerating instantly. (DIS: “What’s Previous Is Prologue“)

Native species

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