The Top 6 Human Resources Software For Small Businesses

If you think about what human resource software has to do with a small business like yours, you are not alone. In fact, many SMEs operating on a limited budget and focusing sharply on achieving sales and revenue goals do not place a lot of importance on HR.

Business management experts caution small businesses against such a move. Even if you have limited employees, your organization has to deal with HR responsibilities. If they are not performed on time and efficiently, it can impact your business. Like many small businesses, you can rely on reliable HR software to help you with your HR tasks.

With hundreds of HR software systems vying for your attention, it is likely that you may end up choosing one that may not fit your business needs. You must have evaluation criteria in place and apply the same to various software systems before zeroing in on the right one.

Here are the features you must look for in the best HR software:

  • User Interface (UI)
  • Integrations
  • usability
  • Value for Money

Small businesses need not invest in advanced Human Resources software features. Identify the needs of your business and choose a system that does well in those areas. Some of the must-have features you should look for are payroll automation, attendance tracking, hiring management, offboarding and onboarding, among others.

These are the top HR software recommended for small businesses.

1. com

This is a popular HR software capable of streaming different types of data collection. You can choose from its 200-plus templates. Migration of data to their system is simple and quick. The software offers a view of the data in multiple formats. You can also use it for planning events, sales lead tracking, learning and development tracking, and more.

The software is designed to integrate with various popular productivity and communication tools, including OneDrive, Zoom, Google Drive, LinkedIn, MS Teams, Slack, and others.

The basic plan is free for life but with limited features. A free trial is also available for 14 days.

2. Deel

Deel offers a broad suite of tools that small businesses will find handy. It has invoice and payment features for streamlining the invoicing process. You can create and send invoices right from the platform. Deel also offers a mobile application so employees can easily check their HR data. A centralized employee database makes storing data easy. You can also use the platform to set goals and provide performance feedback to individual employees.

The software is designed to integrate with Zero, NetSuite, Ashby, Bob, QuickBooks, and other systems.

Pricing starts at $599 per month per employee. You can order a free demo.

3. Eddy

Eddy is one of the leading HR software for local businesses. You can use the software to hire, onboard and manage employees. The HR software is user-friendly and comes with some powerful features. They include job posting, tracking new candidates, tracking applicants, and custom onboarding. The full-service payroll system is another excellent feature of Eddy.

The pricing starts at $8 per month per employee with a $49 basic fee. A free demo is available.

4. GoCo

GoCo is an employee management software with excellent features for the human resources department. The software allows you to automate the onboarding checklist. Also, the self-service option allows employees to track and manage their time off and edit details like benefits and dependencies. Moreover, GoCo stands apart for its excellent customer service. Additionally, the software is flexible and can be easily integrated with other existing systems.

Pricing starts at $5 per month per employee.

5. Gusto

Gusto is one of the most user-friendly HR management software and offers all the tools your small business needs for better human resource control. The payroll feature is easy to set up. The benefits management tools provide details about the savings, health and pensions of each employee. The concierge service is a highly valuable feature of Gusto.

It provides access to HR experts via phone or email.

Gusto is designed for easy integration with HR, accounting, and general tools such as Zoho, QuickBooks, Asana, and Bonusly.

The pricing is $6 per month per employee and a monthly base price of $39 per month base price. The concierge service version prices at $12 per month per employee with a base price of $149.

6. Bitrix24

This is a web-based HR system that works best for small businesses. Likewise, the software offers a series of features, including an employee directory and time and attendance management.

The self-service HR portal is the USP of this HR software. So, employees can access basic HR functions without connecting with HR.

The software’s core features are offered for free, which is great news for small businesses. The dedicated HR features prices from free to $159 per month. Also, all plans allow unlimited users.


Human resource management software is vital for small businesses to stay organized while hiring, training and managing employees. HR software systems Software provides a central interface for better management by automating different functions. It also serves as a self-service platform for employees and empowers them to act on specific aspects without having to connect with HR professionals. Small businesses working with tight budgets can choose the HR software systems recommended above to manage their enterprise better in Human Resources and related areas.