Industry leaders gung-ho about tech sector growth in 2023

That is, technology is an inseparable part of our lives is old news. Just when we think things cannot get any more tech-driven, another vista opens and tech leads innovations again. The year 2022 was not an exception. The tech sector remains poised to transcend new boundaries in 2023, and tech leaders are optimistic as always.

“The advancement of existing technologies and the emergence of new trends have reshaped our working patterns and ushered in significant transformations across industries…,” said Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth, at Tech Mahindra.

“…Artificial intelligence, for example, has become a reality in businesses, and other technologies such as metaverse, blockchain, robotics, and digital twins are expected to follow the suit in the coming years. Furthermore, the adoption of Industry 4.0 has strengthened the supply chain ecosystem, transformed manufacturing, and instilled resilience in enterprise operations..,” he added.

He foresees major improvement in autonomous systems in 2023.

“…I believe in 2023, we will see significant progress in autonomous systems, 5G, and green technology, as well as a quantum leap in technological skilling to digital transformation-related skills. With digitization sweeping the globe, these emerging technology trends will define the ‘Techade’ and put India on the map as a technology superpower. India has the potential to take the lead in technological innovation, and 2023 will see a continued push toward sustainable progress, supported by newer sustainable technology trends,” he said .

Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director (India), Barco said that year 2023 will be a herald of ‘techade’

“In 2022, we navigated the bend to lead the digital transformation and innovation disruption, powered by new-age technologies and accelerated its amalgamation across operations and workflows. Fueled by India’s promising growth prospects, 2023 is truly going to be a ‘Techade’, given the focus on megatrends such as digitalisation, R&D and innovation, local manufacturing, global offshoring, among others…,” he said.

India is a huge market for smartphones and electronics in general. India’s share in the global sales of tech products rivals other major global markets.

A Gururaj, Managing Director of Optiemus Electronics, concurs.

“The hearable/wearable industry in India recorded 171% YoY growth in smartwatches, to become the biggest smartwatch market in the world…The electronics industry is set for the next wave of revolution in the coming year and 2023 can be the major milestone year in our aim to make further progress towards realizing “Atmanirbhar Bharat” in electronics,” he said.

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