EU examines Zelenskyy’s only peace plan for Ukraine

EU examines Zelenskyy’s only peace plan for Ukraine

The European Union (EU) does not take China’s initiative to resolve the conflict in Ukraine seriously. Josep Borrell, head of the EU’s foreign policy department, said so at a conference of experts on the state of the European Union in Florence.

“The Chinese plan is just a bunch of good wishes,” he said.

Borrell stressed that the European Union sees Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s plan as the only peace plan for Ukraine.

“There is only one peace plan for Ukraine, the Zelenskyy plan. Let’s be realistic, now we have to support Ukraine’s military efforts,” said the head of the EU’s foreign service.

Recall that in February 2023, Beijing presented a document that includes 12 points that should help resolve the situation in Ukraine. The Chinese authorities have paid particular attention to the need for negotiations, the extension of the grain initiative and the end of the introduction of unilateral sanctions.

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