Amazon’s secret overstock sale section is packed with problem-solving gadgets, from $10

Amazon’s secret overstock sale section is packed with problem-solving gadgets, from
The secret's out and we're here for it.  (Photo: Amazon)

The secret’s out and we’re here for it. (Photo: Amazon)

We LOVE a good deal. Every week, we spend hours combing the internet for the very best products at the lowest prices to share with you. But there’s only one thing that makes a deal on a product even better: it solves a problem.

You probably already know that Amazon is loaded with items that meet both criteria. What you might not know is that Amazon has a secret section with awesome overstock items that you can get at a serious bargain. It’s packed with everything you need, but we’ve zeroed in on the items that can simplify, clear up or just make your life a little bit easier — all with a massive markdown.

We searched through hundreds of products — from vacation-saving gadgets to quirky items to make lounging more relaxing — and picked out our favorite items. Scroll down for hidden gems to help out around the house.

Want to keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer? How about organizing refrigerator? These storage containers do both!

“These fruit storage containers for fridge are very useful,” shared a rave reviewer. “They are definitely leak proof and vegetables and fruits remain fresh and do not rot. This helps me a lot and lasts much longer!! It is super easy to clean.”

If you want to breathe easier in 2023, this is an incredible deal with an air purifier from Mooka. It’s designed specifically for large rooms and doubles as a night light.

“Cleaned the air in my living room within a few hours, has helped my allergies immensely over the past few months,” shared a happy shopper. “Put another in my children’s room and their allergies were gone within a week. Has dramatically reduced the amount I need to change the air intake filter in my houses central ac.”

There’s so much to love about this 32-ounce water bottle, but the big draw is its fun motivational sayings that encourage you to keep drinking water. You’ll be encouraged by phrases like “remember your goal” and “don’t give up” that correspond to different ounces and times of day, so you can easily stay on track with your hydration goals.

“First of all this is the prettiest water bottle ever,” shared by one of over 2,000 five-star fans. “Second, wow nothing has worked better for my lack of water motivation than this. Somehow following the time stamps on the side of the bottle keeps me going through the day, cause I’m only drinking small bits and for my ADHD brain breaking things down into chunks works WAY better than thinking to keep track of how many glasses I’ve had or God forbid those water tracker apps.I only have to really refill it once, and it’s right there in front of me (right in sight, right in mind) and I know I’m drinking loads more water than I was before.”

Stirring, scraping and spreading are so much easier with silicone kitchen tools. If you’re planning dinner parties, this set will definitely come in handy. Just ask any of the more than 2,500 five-star fans.

“I recently joined a food subscription service so I’ve been cooking more than I usually did,” reported a rave reviewer. “I was using wooden utensils and they worked fine but when you scrape the pan it doesn’t get everything because it doesn’t lie flush against the pan and from me hitting the side of the pan with the wooden spoon the pan was started to chips. I love how you can scoop up everything and it mixes so well. The best part is that they clean really easily with soap and warm water.”

For the holiday host, this Kitchenaid stand mixer attachment is a true workhorse. It will shoulder the burden of slicing, shredding and mincing to make sure dinner lands on the table on time.

“Makes you want to have the shredded cheese straight into your mouth,” shared a very enthusiastic shopper. “Bought this on a whim because I saw some girl on tik tok shredding her cheese and it looked GLORIOUS. If you’ve ever had to shred cheese by hand you ALREADY know what a pain in the booty it is to shred a whole block. So you betcha i bought this.”

A meat thermometer isn’t just for grilling. It takes the guess work out of heating up leftovers, baking bread or making your favorite, everyday chicken dish.

“So easy to use, quick read,” raved a five-star fan. “Was always afraid of underdone poultry, but since I purchased this I no longer have dry chicken breasts – Hallelujah! Wish I had purchased years ago. Stores easily on the side of the refrigerator within easy reach of the stove.”

Perfect for small kitchens, this dish drying rack saves counter space by using the sink to catch dripping water. Bonus: it rolls up for easy storage.

“Ooooh, I scored big for Valentine’s Day this year!” wrote a doting husband. “My wife loves it. She likes order in her kitchen, and leaving things on the counter to dry is horrific. This little baby is easy to store and unroll for use, and enables one to keep all dishes/pots/pans over the sink. It can be a good space-saver by allowing you to use the area above your sink. Also works well as a cooling rack. So easy to use, and yet so enabling.”

If you’ve been looking for ways to bring a hot lunch with you when you’re on the go, this insulated food jar is perfect for toting soups and casseroles. It’s leak-proof and comes with a tote.

“Keeps food hot !!” shared a happy shopper. “Got this for my husband who works construction and had to usually eat cold food for lunch. He loves it, he can now eat hot food on cold winter days, this makes him so happy. I love the wide opening on the jar for adding food and easy cleaning.”

This little heater is just the right size for a tabletop or hiding under your desk to keep your tootsies warm all winter long.

“This little heater can put it out! I have one in my home office and I purchased this one for my adopted grandma when she was released from the hospital,” shared a happy shopper. “Love her so much and a wanted her to stay toasty on cool days. I really appreciate that if it were to tip, it automatically shuts off. So in addition to staying warm, she’s safe as well.”

If you have delicate glassware that doesn’t go in the dishwasher or a bottle that is too tall to fit, this glass rinser is made just for you.

“So I probably shouldn’t admit this, but, TikTok made me buy it!!” reported a rave reviewer. “I wish I had this during the bottle phase for my three kiddos – but this is amazing with cleaning out drinkers and cups on the go and just refilling!”

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