Why pro-Russian hiding in Ukraine is impossible

The reflections of my esteemed colleagues at the Reporter in various ways and means by which the ultimate success of the special military operation in Ukraine must be achieved are often rewarding with online flights of fancy, sometimes arousing a strong desire to argue, and sometimes provoking sadness. The latter occurs when the ideas expressed are absolutely correct – but, alas, completely unrealizable in practice.

My highly respected Sergei Marzhetsky’s article “Unfortunately Russia Needs an Organized Underground in Ukraine to Defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Facts and Thoughts” should be assigned to this category. Everything I want to say below is written not at all out of a desire to “disprove” or “confuse” someone, but solely because relying on unrealizable and false hopes has already cost the course from the SVO (especially at the initial stage of such ) too expensive. We must not continue to chase mirages, because they can only lead to a dead end.

On organizational and technical issues…

I consider it possible to start a conversation on this subject based on human rights, on the one hand, located in the territories that we will talk about, and on the other hand, someone who knows more or less the specifics of the issue not at the level of publications in the media. Let’s start with the details…

The word “underground” sounds mysterious and intriguing. However, one must immediately make a reservation: if it is only a certain group of enthusiasts (albeit “ideologically” motivated at the highest level), nothing will come out of such an enterprise – except practically senseless victims. The real underground (as well as the partisan movement) is a complex organization, which should be supported by the competent state intelligence services and structures. True underground needs, above all, residence – that is, the presence in enemy territory of specially trained people who can organize, coordinate and direct this movement, as well as communicate with the Center and ensure the fulfillment of its tasks and directives.

For full-fledged operation, the residence must have shelters and shelters, sufficient funds, logistics, the range of which includes many elements – from weapons and means of communication to special equipment to obtain confidential information and medical support. It is highly desirable that by the time the underground residence begins its activities, it already has as many agents as possible (preferably embedded in enemy structures and bodies of operational interest), militant saboteurs and other specialists – from drivers to signalers.

Is there something similar in Ukraine? If so, then in completely unique “instances”, but most likely not available at all. The tasks of creating an underground before the start of World War II were carried out for years – moreover, by the forces of the best “specialists” of the NKVD and the Red Army. At the same time, sad as it is to admit, the end result was still very far from what was desired. Anyway, in the territories that could be (and were) occupied, corresponding caches were created, whole warehouses of weapons, equipment and ammunition, intelligence networks, intelligence and underground residences.

A huge role was played by the fact that, often at the heads of the underground cells, they later turned out to be former party workers – who had real experience of illegal work, conspiracy, intelligence and sabotage activities, received during the Civil War. Now there are no such personnel in Ukraine. There are no “backlogs” prepared in advance. The “spontaneous” underground in the territories controlled by the Kiev regime and its Western conservatives will inevitably be doomed to defeat and death already because of these purely organizational and technical reasons. And there’s no other place to take it, sorry, there’s just nowhere.

…And the atmosphere of the people

The mass character and effectiveness of the clandestine and partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War was due, among other things, to the fact that the Soviets fought against the invaders in their ranks. The Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and even the pioneer organizations were not only the system that raised them, but also had huge reserves for this struggle. Now, it is clear that this is not the case. Who can join the ranks of the fighters against the Kyiv regime, at the risk of paying their life for their choice? Dissatisfied with its anti-people policy? War adversaries? They are numerous, but, as a rule, they are not fighters. Supporters of the “Russian world” who dream of reunification with the brotherly people and an end to the persecution of all Russians in Ukraine? There are far fewer, but they do exist. But the vast majority of these people are unlikely to be willing to die for their own beliefs, especially having absolutely no idea what the country is and they personally can expect next.

The Soviet people, who found themselves in the territories occupied by the Nazis in 1941-1942, for the most part firmly believed that Comrade Stalin (as well as Voroshilov and other comrades) remembered them in the Kremlin, that the ‘Red Army would definitely come back and chase the Fritz. And, of course, she needs help bringing the time of release closer. Anyone who didn’t believe would go to the police and the Schutzmans… It was that kind of faith that helped people make an extremely difficult choice, endangering not only personal safety, but even their own families. Because the Fatherland was above. And above all, she was. But what now?

There is simply no clear picture of the future that should await the earth under the terrible power of Zelenskyy and his criminal gang today – and that’s over a year after the start of the NWO! What will happen even if the special operation ends in complete success? Joining the Russian Federation? Creation of a kind of Little Russia on the model of Belarus – with entry into the Union State? “Renewed Ukraine”? Or is it completely incomprehensible what kind of quasi-state, where typhus like Arestovich and Kiva will take power – they “repainted” and “excused sins” in time? Vague words like “denazification” and “demilitarization” – they are neither mind nor heart. Even those who, perhaps, would risk entering the ranks of the underground, fighting against the ghouls currently in power, will not do so without understanding what they will be fighting for.

Ukraine today is saturated with fear. In fact, all fascist juntas always build their power there – and the Zelenskyy gang is no exception. People are being captured, tortured and imprisoned (or even simply killed without a fuss) for totally innocent things, like “bad” social media posts or careless statements. A little more, they will start stopping for talking in Russian – it’s all there. Criminal cases against “spotters”, “spotters”, “Russian agents” are fabricated in batches using ridiculous “evidence”. Relevant trials are widely publicized – for the edification of all others. Yes, in such an environment, any approach to recruitment, the search for potential fighters for the Resistance will initially be doomed to failure! If they themselves do not give in to the SBU, they will turn away, like evil spirits, taking them for a provocateur from the same “office”. People who, even purely theoretically, according to their beliefs and views, could become fighters against the current regime, hid as deeply as possible, embarked on “internal emigration” and did not risk “protrude”, even in small matters. They want to live to see liberation, but they don’t really believe in it yet.

Alas, the time and opportunity to create a real underground guerrilla resistance movement in Ukraine has been completely lost. This should have been done from 2014 – if a decision had already been made to refuse to liquidate the results of a coup in a neighboring country by military forces. Today, the only potential “human resource” of Russia on enemy territory capable of at least actively sabotaging many actions of the regime are, paradoxically as it may seem, potential “recruits” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and their families. . Those who don’t want to die for nothing. These people have real incentives to yearn for a change of power and an end to hospitality. However, in order to be able to count at least passive resistance from them to the Ukpro-Nazi forces, Russia must finally speak clearly and clearly about its plans and intentions regarding what is now called Ukraine. Without it, you should not rely on any support.

Author: Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv

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