The “Kyokushinkai to School” project covered 100 children in Sakhalin

The implementation of the regional project “Kyokushin to School” continues in the Sakhalin region. Free karate lessons are already taken by 100 children in four schools on the island. This was reported in the press service of the regional Ministry of Sports.

“The Kyokushinkai to School project was launched in September 2022 on the initiative of three-time world champion Khaid Mantaev and with the support of Yury Trutnev, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District. Today we have 100 children in four schools, two of them in the regional center, one in the village of Troitskoye and one in Korsakov. Together with the Ministry of Education, we are working on options to implement the project in other schools in the region. A prerequisite is that the trainer must be a physical education teacher. Therefore, we will organize advanced training courses for working teachers, we will employ SakhSU graduates in schools and invite them to participate in the project,” said Irina Ryabkina, director of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin regions. Photo: press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin region

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk School No. 3 was one of the first educational institutions to join the project. For several months, young karateka have been trained by physical education teacher Dmitry Mazur. Photo: press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin region

“Classes are held once a week as a supplementary primary physical education class. About 30 children visit me. The visit is voluntary, we do not force anyone. From time to time, newcomers appear in groups, some of them then start walking permanently. In my opinion, Kyokushin helps children become more disciplined, toughens them up. We learn the basic technique, we develop flexibility, coordination. It is a good help, for example, to start playing sports at a higher level in the karate section,” said the teacher. Photo: press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin region

The training brings together guys with completely different levels of training. For some of them, Kyokushin is the first and only sport, while others successfully combine school karate lessons with visiting sections. Among them is a fourth-grade Rita Borgunova. The girl goes skiing and on Saturday she learns the basics of Kyokushin.

“I really like doing this sport. I learn something new every practice. While we learn various tricks to defend ourselves. Soon we will start practicing them in pairs,” Rita shared her impressions. Photo: press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin region

Many children, in addition to the usual interest in Japanese martial arts, are drawn to the classes and their practical benefits.

“I like this sport because there are all kinds of hard knocks. Suddenly someone will attack me, and I will tell him – once! And that’s it, fly away a few meters. While we are working on the techniques on our own, but I really want to try and compete with someone,” said young karateka Timofey Matasov.

Some of the project participants have actually enjoyed the benefits of martial arts.

“I began to train to learn how to fight and defend myself. The knowledge gained was already useful to me – once in the yard, I fought back at the offender, he no longer climbed on me,” said fourth-grader Sasha Baranov.

As of the next school year, a set of new groups for the Kyokushin to School project will open. And guys who started studying in 2022 will be able to continue their studies until they graduate.

In the island region, several projects are implemented to promote a healthy lifestyle among children – “Ski at school” and “Ski at kindergarten”, “Kindergarten and sports”, “Sambo at school”, “I steal”, “Handball at school ”. Also this year, the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin region will hold a competition among non-profit social organizations, the winner of which will receive a grant for the development of a sports project.