The Korean Cinema District opens in Moscow. What movies are worth watching?

The new program was created in connection with the great popularity of Korean culture in our country. Each film in this selection is the winner of international awards. “Korean Film Quarter” will not be limited to film screenings – with well-known speakers in the field of South Korean history and culture, as well as Korean cinema in particular, thematic conferences will be organized for the public, which will reveal films and help them watch cinema in a new way. In total, you will be able to see six films by the masters of modern Korean cinema: Park Tae-min, Lee Jong-suk, Jung Yong-gi, Lee Hae-yong and Choi Sung-hyun. All will be shown in Russia for the first time. The program will demonstrate the genre diversity of Korean films to Russian audiences and provide an opportunity to learn useful new information at lectures and master classes that will be held in conjunction with the KARO. Art project.

The quarter will open on July 20 with the premiere of the dynamic action thriller “Baby Driver” (2022), in which the lead role was played by cult star “Parasite” Pak So Dam. The crime entertainment thriller will tell the story of a risk-loving, speed-loving courier who receives a very unusual load. A truly bright and colorful film in the spirit of the well-known films “Taxi”, “Fast and the Furious” and “Leon” with a hit soundtrack and a plot that keeps you guessing until the end.

An excerpt from the detective novel “The Negotiation Game”. Photo:


p class=””>Also on the program of the “Quartier” – “Game of negotiations”, which will be released on August 17th. This gripping psycho-detective follows a brave Seoul police negotiator as she tries to negotiate with her captor and save her boss. She only has 12 hours to do it. The film is the directorial debut of Lee Jong Suk, who previously wrote the screenplays for the hit films Heel in the Eye (2011) and The Himalayas (2015). One of the main roles in the film was played by the famous South Korean actor and model Hyun Bin.

Setting of horror “Ghost Station”. Photo:

Next, on August 31, the unique Korean horror film “Ghost Station” will be released, which tells the story of a journalist investigating an urban legend. A strange incident in the subway turns out to be not so simple and keeps the whole town in fear. The director of the film was Jung Yong Gi, who directed films of various genres: action, adventure and comedy films (“Once Upon a Time in Korea”, “Married to the Mafia 2,3,5″,” Descendants of Hong Gil Dong”), the screenwriter of the film is Hiroshi Takahashi, for whom the shoulders are the work on the cult horror “The Ring”. The film crew definitely managed to surprise the South Korean people with an interesting film, which is an adaptation of the horror webtoon of the same name by the famous author Horan.

A scene from the movie How to Steal a River. Photo:

On September 14, as part of the “Korean Film Quarter”, the film “How to Steal a River”, based on Korean folk tales, about the charming and brilliant con man Kim Sung Dal, will be released in cinemas. With his team, widely known throughout the country, he sells water from the Dedong River in order to steal the most expensive product, tobacco. Bright and colorful costumes, make-up, sets will send the audience back to the days of the Joseon Dynasty, against which this comedy-adventure story will be set. One of the characters in the film is played by idol Xiumin, a dancer, rapper and vocalist of the popular K-pop group EXO.

Image from the movie “Phantom”. Photo:

September 28 – “Ghosts”. An action-packed spy thriller set in 1933 during the Japanese colonization of Korea. The director was Lee Hae-yong, known for the dramas “Supporter”, “26 years”. The casting is one of the characteristics of the film. The film stars Park Hae-soo (“The Squid Game”, “Paper House: Korea”), Park So-Dam (“Parasite”), Seol Kyung-gu (“Memoirs of a Killer”). The complex, but dynamic plot in places resembles the detectives of Agatha Christie, and in style – the famous Chinese drama “Detective Al”. Elegant costumes and images of the main characters, mesmerizing stunts, bright colors that echo the characters, and a story inspired by the novel “Wind” by Chinese writer Mai Jia all helped create an incredibly beautiful film that can hold the audience. viewer’s attention until the end.

From the movie “Lucky with my brother!”. Photo:

The “quarter” will end with a touching story of a nugget pianist: on October 12, the film “Lucky with my brother!” will be released. A heartfelt family drama with elements of Korean humor tells the relationship of two completely different brothers who want to get to know each other better. The main roles of the film were played by talented actors: Lee Byung Hun, known for projects such as “Emergency”, “The Squid Game”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Terminator, Genesis” and “RED 2” and Park Chung Min, who managed to fall in love with the audience thanks to the films “Decision to Leave”, “Bensan”, “Hunting Time” and others. The storyline of the picture refers to the Oscar-winning classic film, which has already become a cult film – “Rain Man” (1988). But the story of the painting “Lucky with my brother!” opened this topic in a new way, with its own characteristics and advantages.

The project comes out with the support of the cultural center of South Korea.

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