Student life implements new software, updates rushing process

Student life implements new software, updates rushing process

Julia Dobbs, a junior graphic design and advertising major from Allen, laughs as she talks to a rushee. (Photo by Meghan Long)

Greek Life has started a partnership with Campus Director, a software company that works with universities all over the country. The Campus Director software has an algorithm programmed to match rushees to clubs, implementing a more modern method to the current ranking and voting system.

Rushees rank which sororities and fraternities they want to be a part of, and the sororities and fraternities put in their preference of who they want to invite to their next rounds. The end goal with incorporating the software is to give an opportunity to the students to choose the organization of their choice. Senior Coordinator Robin McPherson said she anticipates a positive result regarding the use of Campus Director.

“I hope it’s a process that will not only make it easier for potential new members and officers of organizations but will also help take the human error out of doing everything by hand,” McPherson said. “I feel like using this computerized system is more of a mutual choice. The sororities and fraternities get to vote, and the potential new members get to give their ranks.”

Approximately 430 students are going through the rushing and joining process this semester. PJ Martinez, the associate dean of student engagement, said he works for his students and is always finding new ways to engage students and support their happiness.

“We have Greek Life as such a big part of our students’ experience,” Martinez said. “We want them to have a space where they feel involved, have community and belonging. I get excited about that, because you see this experience in our alums, and it’s what makes their experience at ACU great.”

Martinez and McPherson worked together to find technology that would eliminate the chance for error as well as move on to a more modern method. As this semester pilots the new software, officials are keeping their eyes open for potential errors and mistakes during this transition.

“Sometimes change is necessary, and sometimes change is good and positive,” McPherson said. “I think sometimes it’s just hard for us to make that jump and that leap of faith, to make a change that could be better for our organizations. I think once we do that and we see the benefits, it’s going to be a lot better.”

Elizabeth Bryant, Tri Kappa Gamma rush director, said her organization is hopeful that the switch will make the process of rushing and joining easier for everyone.

“We are happy to be back on campus to continue to get to know everyone more deeply in person and figure out who our new sisters are going to be,” Bryant said. “We are excited to see how, hopefully, the new Campus Director software makes the rushing and bidding process easier for everyone.”

Call Night and Bid Day are on Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 respectively.