Online Multiplayer – How the Gang Network Works – Dragon Quest Treasures Wiki Guide

Online Multiplayer – How the Gang Network Works – Dragon Quest Treasures Wiki Guide

Dragon Quest Treasures has multiplayer, at least in a manner of speaking. If you’re already making a good headway with our tips and tricks, then you might want a change of pace. If you’ve seen it and you’re trying to figure out how the Gang Network works in Dragon Quest Treasures, then you’re not alone. The multiplayer features don’t allow you to run around in each other’s worlds, but there are a few benefits to helping each other out.

You won’t have access to the Gang Network in Dragon Quest Treasures straight away though. You’ll actually need to play for an hour or so, depending on how quickly you vacuum up treasure, and rank your gang up before you even get the option. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Gang Network in Dragon Quest Treasures.


How to unlock the Gang Network

First things first, you’ll need to go out into the world and get through not just the tutorial and prologue, but also rank up a little bit to attract the attention of AL4N, the robot in charge of the Gang Network. Specifically, you’ll need to hit Gang Rank 4 to have him visit your home base. It is possible to level up your gang several times in one trip if you get lucky, but as long as you go from below 4 to 4 or above, you’ll get to meet AL4N and then use his services.

How the Gang Network Works

Once you’ve connected to the Gang Network and also gone through the little legal bits, you’ll be presented with the Gang Network menu. It’s from here that you can choose any of the online modes to take part in, and even view profiles of your friends or some of the people you’ve met as you’ve been playing. You’ll be able to see your own Gang ID in the View Profiles option too, in case you ever need it for another player.

Treasure Hunts


The first option you’ll have is the Treasure Hunt. To start with this mode, you’ll need to head to a map of your choice, find a good hiding place, open the map, and then push the A button to set it as a hiding place. Once you’ve done all of that, you can then upload that hiding spot to the internet for other players to find. This is all for fun, so you won’t lose any treasure even if it’s found. Also, keep in mind that you can’t set a hiding place while using any of the Fortes.

The other side of this is seeking, which will allow you to hunt down someone’s treasure too. You can either do this with someone at random by choosing the Randomiser option, or if you’ve got a specific friend in mind, you can input their Gang ID and a password to find their loot specifically. Finding someone else’s treasure can occasionally net you a replica of that bit of loot, which you can sell for some gold. It won’t add to your Gang Rank though, so this is more for buying useful items than leveling up.

Treasure Tours

The other side of things are the Treasure Tours. Treasure Tours are all about showing off the cool things you’ve found as you’ve been playing the game. There are two sides to this mode as well. The first is accessed through Manage Monsters, which is where you can choose one of your monsters, then choose a bit of treasure they like based on their preferences, before sending them out into the world. If you’re struggling to find a monster to take your favorite piece of treasure on a tour, make sure you befriend some more monsters first. They can be specifically invited to other home base players using a password, or they’ll randomly appear from time to time if people are connected to the internet.

Likewise, the Welcome Monsters option allows you to invite a monster to your base using a Gang ID and a password. Doing this will have your friend’s monster turn up in your base carrying one of their favorite bits of treasure. Interacting with any monster that turns up in your base like this will net you a replica of the treasure, which is a nice way to get a bit more gold.

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