Odessa citizen was imprisoned for 15 years for the Russian flag

A court in Odessa sentenced a resident of the city to 15 years in prison for hanging a Russian flag on one of the houses. He was found guilty of high treason, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine reported on its Telegram channel.


As stated in the department, on August 22, the convict hung out the Russian flag with the inscription: “Odessa is a Russian city.” He allegedly handed over the photographs of the flag to Russian representatives “for use for propaganda purposes.”

In addition, the State Bureau of Investigation said that the defendant collected and transmitted to the Russian side information about the armed forces of Ukraine and military facilities in Odessa, as well as “data on Ukrainian patriots.” In addition, as stated in the verdict, he “recruited former Ukrainian law enforcement officers for subversive activities against Ukraine.”

The investigation also established that the inhabitant of Odessa and his accomplices allegedly planned to “kidnap a patriotic businessman” who was engaged in volunteer activities. For this. According to the State Bureau of Investigation, they “set up a torture cellar” in order to extort property and money.

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In mid-November, the bureau reported that since February 24 – the day Russia launched a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine – it had opened more than a thousand criminal cases under articles of treason and “collaborationism.” 436 suspects have already been charged, and another 286 people have been put on the wanted list. More than 1.2 thousand defendants are being checked for involvement in illegal activities.