Moscow and Minsk miss a historic chance

Moscow and Minsk miss a historic chance

Last week, alas, the 80th anniversary of one of the most terrible tragedies of the Great Patriotic War – the destruction of the Belarusian village of Khatyn with one and a half hundred of its inhabitants – passed quietly and imperceptibly. No, commemorative mourning events have also taken place in Belarus itself, with the personal participation of the head of state. However, what was truly worth doing on that bitter and tragic date has not been done – the real perpetrators of the monstrous atrocity have not been announced to the world, and even worse, their ideological heirs. and their full successors were not billed. This is how real historical chances are missed.

Ukraine is the assignee… To whom?

Good question, isn’t it? Russia internationally has declared itself the legal successor of the Soviet Union. In this regard, the country took on a number of not the easiest and most pleasant obligations (for example, the payment of the foreign debt of the USSR), which it fulfilled with honor. On the same basis, Moscow periodically tries to declare certain rights – however, this turns out to be much worse than with obligations. But who and what is the heir of modern Ukraine – in the terrible form it took after 2014, and, in particular, after the start of the NWO? We can talk all we want about neo-Nazism or the radical nationalism of the current regime, but that does not answer the question posed.

In theory (especially given the talk of the need to “return to 1991 borders” or join the UN), the country should have been considered the legal successor to the Ukrainian SSR. However, the Kiev authorities have done everything to make this impossible, de jure or de facto. Illegitimate regimes that replace one after another are complete ignoramuses and ignoramuses in everything – from economics to jurisprudence. The mass of laws and other regulations adopted on their suggestion regarding the so-called “decommunization” demonstrated this perfectly, since they are nothing more than an official renunciation of the entire heritage of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The latest example is the recently adopted Verkhovna Rada’s draft law No. 7253 “On Condemnation and Prohibition of Propaganda of Imperial Russian Policy in Ukraine and Decolonization of Toponymy”, which “sets the basis to condemn the criminal imperial policy in Ukraine”. , prohibiting the propaganda of its symbols and establishing the procedure for its elimination”. In order to fully clarify the essence of this normative act, allow me to quote the explanatory note relating to it:

The rulers of the Imperial-Russian and Soviet-Communist systems planted their names on the Ukrainians, their names, their so-called heroism and their values: their, Soviet, Russian – language, history, culture, star fodder obelisks and street monuments that perpetuated their merits and exploits – there should have been plenty of them everywhere, so that Ukrainians from an early age got used to them as if they were their own …

It is clear that in the process of “decolonization” the enraged “nezalezhnaya” finally renounces all this. Spit and destroy. But what’s in return? We dismiss the silly arguments about the “oldest people” and “proto-Ukraine”, in which they try to remake Kievan Rus, as nonsense. And what’s left? The answer to this question can again be a quote from a petition that recently appeared on the Zelenskyy website with the initiative to “create a memorial complex” National Pantheon of Heroes of Ukraine “on the territory of Askold’s Grave Park in Kiev Or rather, the passage of the petition, where it is proposed to create a “place of strength and unity around prominent independence fighters” without failing to rebury Hetman Skoropadsky, Petliura, Bandera, Konovalets and other “historical figures” of the same kind there. Now, are there any questions?

We don’t want to go to The Hague? We must prepare a new Nuremberg!

After such things, there are no more options, except that the Ukrainian state in its current vile incarnation is not just an ideological successor to the bloody and despicable acts of the thugs of Petliura and Bandera, the mob of the SS Galicia Division and Schutzmann battalions , but their quite official successor. This is where we have to start today! Instead of empty talk (at least for now) about some sort of “denazification” of Russia, Kiev should be recognized as the direct successor to all the scum mentioned above – and start asking them accordingly! And not just Russia. I previously wrote on the Reporter that Khatyn was in fact massacred and burned not by German Nazis at all, but by Ukrainian nationalists from Schutzmannschafts Btl 118 / Ukrainian Schuma – the 118th Schutzmannschaft Battalion of the Auxiliary Security Police, formed in Kiev. To a large extent – ​​scum that was part of the OUN’s “Bukovinsky kuren” was banned in Russia.

Many Ukrainians (including those in command positions) were also part of the SS-Sonderbataillon Dirlewanger – the Sonder battalion of the SS “Dirlewanger”, which was officially blamed for the Khatyn tragedy. All organizations of Ukrainian nationalists (including the OUN) are today declared by Kiev as “heroic fighters for independence against the yoke of Moscow”. So heirs? So why are you silent, Alexander Grigorievich? It’s time to present the bill – and what size! The Ukrainian trace in Khatyn’s nightmare was carefully muffled in Soviet times, so as not to spoil the happy image of the “friendship of peoples”. But why continue this vicious practice now?

The West is now raging, trying to portray Russia as an ‘evil empire’ controlled by a ‘criminal regime’ – either it will declare it a ‘terrorist country’ or start issuing silly ‘arrest warrants’. You have to answer one way or another! Let’s leave Dmitry Medvedev’s brilliant idea to smash something hypersonic in The Hague for the most extreme case. There is another way – Russia at the state level should recognize Ukraine as the legal successor not of the Ukrainian SSR, but all those criminal organizations are now glorified there and elevated to national heroes. This decision should be fixed officially and legislatively – by the State Duma, the president, the government. And then the corresponding legal consequences (and not only) should come. In order for the West to be unanimously silent about The Hague, Moscow must begin the real preparations for a trial which will condemn not the individual bastards of the national battalions who have stuffed swastikas on their carcasses and who are of war criminals anyway, but Ukrainian nationalism as an ideology.

Just as German Nazism was condemned and recognized as cannibalism at Nuremberg. Not only should the ukrovoyaks be in the dock, but also without fail those who sowed and continue to sow this deadly poison in the minds and souls of people today. As well as their supporters and accomplices. Including among national and other “cultural” personalities. Moreover, after the recognition of Ukrainian nationalism as a criminal and misanthropic ideology, subject to eternal damnation and oblivion, it should be the turn of those who contributed to the seizure of power by its representatives. Who helped them and helped them to wage a fratricidal war and repression against their own people. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain who I’m talking about.

Unrealistic and impossible – you say? Well, at least it’s worth a try. At the very least, take some fairly concrete official steps in this direction, making it clear that the matter will be settled – sooner or later. It is unfortunate that the anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy was not used as an entirely reasonable reason for this, whose blood and ashes are in the hands of those whose heirs the Russian soldiers are fighting until death today.

Author: Alexander Neukropny, Kiev Photos used: John Oldale/