LDPR leader Slutsky supported the country’s sewing battalions

LDPR leader Slutsky supported the country’s sewing battalions

With the support of the LDPR party, a new shoulder-to-shoulder patriotic movement was created in Russia. This was said by the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Leonid Slutsky. He called on all fighters who are not indifferent to the fate of the special military operation area to unite and contribute to victory.

“In fact, there are only two parties left in Russia now. The winners are those at the front, and those millions of Russians who, by their words and deeds in their daily lives, help us win. The defeatists left Russia. Therefore, the main party of the country is, of course, the winner. LDPR is the Russian victory party. And we are ready to support and unite all those who really care about the country and bring our victory closer,” commented Leonid Slutsky.

The LDPR is committed to helping the Schweibats in many regions. Photo: Rodion Sevastyanov

The women of the “Sew for Ours” movement turned to the Liberal Democratic Party. Activists are making thermal underwear, mittens, balaclavas, hats, raincoats and even stretchers for NWO participants. Many joined the movement after their relatives left for the front. Now there are such associations in 150 cities of Russia, including St. Petersburg.

In the northern capital, they created a “shweibat” called “Sew Victory Peter”. For free, volunteers create the necessary things for the fighters. Funds for the materials are raised within the group and through organizations wishing to participate in charity work. At present, more than 1.3 thousand citizens are in the movement. Among the participants are also residents of the Leningrad region. The head of the association, Elena Limonova, explained how important it is to unite the efforts of volunteers for victory.

“If we are divided, we won’t go any further. You cannot see each other as competitors. The contribution of the All-Russian schweibat movement is a colossal support for our guys. I regularly receive feedback from fighters. They said – without the volunteers we would not have survived here. Those knitted socks, those fleece jackets go like hot cakes. I think they saved more than one guy in the trench, more than one leg from the cold. Now we have to reorient ourselves to summer, when there will be no need for warm clothes and there will be a need for other products. We will talk with the fighters and continue to sew what they need, ”said Elena Limonova.

The aid that the militants give to the combatants is targeted. Photo: Rodion Sevastyanov

The LDPR is committed to helping the Schweibats in many regions. They buy fabrics, sewing machines, organize logistics.

“We, the LDPR party, have taken the Schweibats under our wing for a long time. I hope this has helped the movement to reach this level. I’m sure “there will be more Schweibats all over Russia. Victory is our common cause. We will definitely win. A low salute to all women, volunteers, true patriots, who, both in Moscow and in the regions, have been engaged in this important work. We see your work every day, we appreciate your participation. We will sew, we will live and we will overcome. We have no other choice,” the faction leader said.

The aid that the militants give to the combatants is targeted. Elina Patykova, author of the telegram channel “We sew for ourselves” and traffic coordinator in Perm, told about this. Specific requests with sizes come from men, and seamstresses cover those needs. Initially, Patykova, together with her husband, announced a fundraiser and bought the first fleece. Then she recorded master classes, according to which women began to make clothes. Later, all humanitarian aid was delivered to the front, the LDPR party helped the volunteers in this.

It is worth noting that only Perm sent 17,000 finished products to the NVO zone. Nationally, this number is of course ten times higher. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have already joined the shoulder-to-shoulder movement across Russia. For those who are not indifferent, we have created a shoulder to shoulder. rf resource, where you can offer or ask for help.

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