I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here’s how it went

I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work.  Here’s how it went

Coming in at the low price of $9.40, the Lenovo LP40 earbuds are true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth connectivity. Temu says they are water-resistant and are sourced directly from Lenovo. The LP40 earbuds come in five colors. In the box, along with the earbuds, are four replacement silicon bud tips, a charging case, and a USB-A to USB-C cord.

The LP40s connects to your phone when you raise both buds to your ears, and you can swipe the stem up or down to raise or lower the volume. You can tap the bud to play or pause the audio and summon your phone’s voice assistant by long-tapping the right bud.

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For a pair of $10 earbuds, they’re pretty impressive. They easily connect to devices and have about a 100-foot range. The LP40 buds are made of hard plastic, so I had to give my ears a break after about an hour.

They sound clear and can get loud, but withhold any deep or resonating sound, as the heavy bass in these earbuds sounds crunchy. But, hey – they were barely $10.

When I took a few calls with the LP40s, the person on the other end told me I sounded like I was underwater, and it was too distracting for them to continue a conversation with me. Because the LP40s don’t take calls too well, I’d only suggest using them for listening to music, especially if you still want to hear your surroundings.

These earbuds would be an excellent starter tech gift for kids. The LP40s are affordable, come in fun colors, and are highly functional for their price tag.