Ford issues worldwide recall of Escapes and Bronco Sports

Ford issues worldwide recall of Escapes and Bronco Sports

Automakers seem to be having a bit of bad luck in 2022 as Ford Motor Company joins the ranks of those recalling vehicles. Tesla issued a few recalls this year, though those are being dealt with via over-the-air software updates, and now Ford is recalling over 600,000 Ford Bronco Sports and Ford Escapes.

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According to Automotive News, the recall affecting these Bronco Sports and Escapes is due to cracked fuel injectors. These cracked fuel injectors have the potential, a tremendous potential, to cause a fire. The nearly 634,000 vehicles on the recall will have to be inspected by a licensed Ford dealership to ensure the integrity of the fuel injectors in question. If the fuel injectors are bad, then they will be replaced.

The recall covers the years 2020-2023 of the Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs, also referred to as crossovers. The specific engine affected is the 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine. Ford also includes these exact models and engines in another recall involving the oil separator housing, which can develop cracks leading to a possible fire.

According to Automotive News, “Ford said when engines in the vehicles covered by the latest recall are operating, a cracked fuel injector could cause fuel or fuel vapor to accumulate near hot surfaces, potentially resulting in fire under the hood. Ford said it had 54 total reports of 1.5-liter under-hood fires, including four with cracked fuel injectors. About 13 others were probably caused by a leaking fuel injector. There are no deaths linked to the recall.”

“If a pressure drop in the fuel rail is detected, engine power will automatically be reduced to minimize any risk while also allowing customers to drive to a safe location and stop the vehicle and arrange for service,” the company added.

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Last Updated on November 25, 2022.