Fashion Influencer Rosie Abou Nassar on Setting Trends in the Digital Space

Being a fashion influencer on Instagram can be a challenging space to be in. However, with lots of hard work and a little luck, Rosie Abou Nassar is setting trends by simply posting on her account.

Rosie is a top Instagram star and fashion influencer. She has 58k followers and regularly gets about thousands of likes per post.

She works extensively with several fashion brands, modeling designs from their collections, especially coats and winter looks. It is safe to say that Rosie feels passionate for the brands she works for.

Rosie started by posting photos on a daily basis, and her reach multiplied quickly, and she decided to showcase a more diverse range of outfits to propagate her sense of style.

“I love being creative and making new outfits to showcase online,” Rosie says. “I want to be the go-to influencer for fashion, both in Paris and beyond.”

Rosie tends to prefer neutral colors and is not keen on being understated.

She posts stunning photos from around the world against beautiful backdrops such as the ocean, murals, and popular tourist attractions. Moreover, she aims to show her followers all of the places where her fashion influences come from, and change up their fashion expectations.

Fashion Influencer Rosie Abou Nassar
Fashion Influencer Rosie Abou Nassar (Photo: Grandiose/Eastern Herald)

Getting on Instagram has given Rosie many new opportunities. She started posting pictures of herself in Paris, but she soon had the means to travel to new places. She’s gone to many alluring destinations, including Venice, the Philippines, France, Corsica, and several others.

Rosie wants to use her Instagram account to let people across the globe view her unique, exciting sense of fashion. Her distinctive sartorial choices are certainly making waves all over the digital space, especially so on Instagram(@rosie.abn).