Entrepreneur Miled Daher continues his journey to success

Entrepreneur Miled Daher continues his journey to success

Miled Daher is an entrepreneur, currently based in Dubai. He is the CEO of Adsshot, a leading media production company in Dubai. The name is enough to tell the audience who they’re dealing with.

Working with several big brands including Prada, Dior, and BOSS is no exception for Miled.

“Just be stubborn, and never listen to what anyone says! Don’t share your goals & dreams with small-minded people, and do whatever makes you happy. Try to work on yourself, talent isn’t enough, and anything worth doing takes time. And always smile no matter how life treats you. The journey to success is very long and it’s a painful way, but don’t worry! You will get tough on your way to the top.”

– Miled Daher

Miled is smart and knows exactly what he wants, he reinvests his earnings back into Adsshot and comes up with bigger and better ideas each time. From creating engaging campaigns to delivering quality services to his clients, Miled has created a loyal customer base for Adsshot.

We wish all the very best and a huge success for all of the upcoming ideas he has planned to mesmerize his customers with, in 2023.