Eight examples of how technology has changed in the past ten years

Eight examples of how technology has changed in the past ten years

Innovative new technology has dramatically impacted the world over the last decade. People have begun to embrace tech that goes further than ever before, and many young adults have never known a world without some form of modern technology, such as cell phones.

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Several categories of modern technology have developed rapidly, even within the last ten years. Here are just a few examples of how efficiently tech has evolved and will continue to improve over time.

1. Cellphone technology

Cellphones from just two decades ago were closer to bricks than anything else. They were nearly indestructible, with limited games, and their main use was calling. Eventually, mobile phones evolved to include texting, and people saw full keyboards on their devices for the first time. Now, most phones don’t have a keyboard at all — today’s smartphones are all screens.

Nearly 50% of interactions on a smartphone don’t have anything to do with text messages, emails, or voice calls — the original purpose of a phone. Smartphones allow for plenty of games, social media platforms, and productivity tools that the phones of the past could never use. These devices ultimately bring more benefits than drawbacks.

2. E-Readers

E-readers were still a new concept around a decade ago. In 2010, Amazon controlled about 60% of the entire e-book market. It’s still the primary place where most people find their latest library additions.

Now, the Kindle Scribe allows you to take handwritten notes. You can do much more with even better battery life. E-readers may not excite most people, but book lovers can tell you how great of an investment they are today.

Social media has definitely evolved over the last decade. The platforms initially seemed to help people connect with those already in their lives primarily, but now, these services encourage you to befriend people worldwide. Nearly 4.5 billion individuals use social media.

Advertisers have flocked to social media as the new platform to reach wider audiences. More ads can be found here now than in the past. You’ve likely also seen a rise in influencer marketing, where brands sponsor people to talk about the company to their large audience.

4. Smartwatches

Smartwatches developed from the fitness trackers that were so popular a decade ago, and now these devices can do so much more. Smartwatches are almost a smaller version of your phone. You can even check your messages and reply directly from the Apple Watch.

Now, smartwatches can help you calculate your fitness levels and track the quality of sleep you get at night. All their features prove useful. Having a cell phone in your smartwatch makes the device valuable while working out or on the move.

5. Flooring technology

More people have bought homes in the last decade, and many more are waiting for the day to close on their own houses. One piece of technology that excites many buyers involves flooring.

Luxury vinyl can look just like wood, with all its grooves and grains, thanks to modern developments. You might find that vinyl flooring is better than hardwood for your home — and it resists scratching and mildew, which might come from the wear and tear of daily life.

6. Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has become more affordable. It can be costly to convert or install it in your home, but the savings will pay for themselves in the end. Furthermore, people would rather pay $16 more per month if it meant they were supporting clean power. Investing in green energy is investing in the future, giving homeowners something to care about.

7. Smart Houses

Many homes feature at least one sort of smart device. Some have cameras or video doorbells, while others might have smart locks or outlets that can be controlled with a voice. Voice is speculated to be the next big thing in technology, largely due to how efficient virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant are. The technology is functional and works well, and one of the only things that could improve is the accuracy of query results.

8. Virtual Reality

virtual-reality-girl-metaverse technology

Virtual reality (VR) has been a major draw for many video games. Smartphones are even adopting augmented reality (AR), where they can see a digital object in the real world using their camera. Alternate forms of reality are a great way to integrate technology into your life by experiencing video games on another level or seeing if the furniture will fit in your space.

VR isn’t just for games anymore, either. Investing in green energy is investing in the future, giving homeowners something to care about. Since it’s a newer form of technology, VR and AR will evolve over time — and in the future, it might surprise you to see how far they have come from their original gaming purpose.

Technology Will Continue to Evolve

Over time, even this cutting-edge technology will be rendered obsolete. People make breakthroughs every day that transforms the world of tech. You can examine the devices in your life and imagine how different it’ll be in a few years. Just because new items come out doesn’t mean you should immediately throw your old ones away. Treasure your technology and treat it well; it’ll be functional for years.

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Last Updated on November 10, 2022.

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