Apple is looking to simplify how you activate Siri

Apple is looking to simplify how you activate Siri

Apple usually updates its virtual assistant Siri when a new iOS version comes out. But activating it has stayed the same since Siri’s inception in 2010. However, that could be changed if Apple can get a small but significant change to work.

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Dropping the “Hey” in “Hey Siri” may not seem as easy as it sounds says Mark Gurman on Bloomberg. Even though the Cupertino giant has been working on this change for months, the amount of AI training and engineering work is a lot. It takes training for Siri to understand a one word trigger, but it makes things a tad bit easier for end users.

It could also be possible that Apple might keep the keyword “Hey Siri” to allow Apple devices to increase the chances for Siri to activate versus having users repeat saying “Siri” whenever it doesn’t start up. Apple is also trying to integrate the voice assistant further into third-party applications it increases its chances of understanding what users are asking and providing a better response or taking corrective action.

With Apple trying to simplify its virtual assistant, it aligns with how Amazon activates its assistant Alexa. Google on the other hand still requires you to either say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. Heck, even Microsoft simplified invoking Cortana before discontinuing it.

A company like Apple taking this kind of initiative to make such a minor change that has a larger impact is what makes Apple, Apple. If all goes as planned, the good news is that Apple could be rolling out this update next year, if not the year after.

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Last Updated on November 9, 2022.