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THESE DAYS it’s hard to ignore the ease and efficiency Amazon brings us in our everyday lives. Ordering from the world’s largest online retailer has become second nature for everything from groceries to electronics to clothes to patio furniture. It’s also no surprise that Amazon is an excellent place to upgrade your home gym equipment in 2023. But what if we told you there was a way to save even more? the not-so-secret the location for some of the wildest Amazon deals is at Amazon Warehouse, and once you learn how to navigate this section you’ll find it’s a game-changer for saving money. Here’s the breakdown.

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What Exactly Is Amazon Warehouse?

If you’re unfamiliar, Amazon Warehouse is like a clearinghouse for great deals on “quality pre-owned, used, and open box products.” In many cases, these are items that shoppers buy, open, never use, but decide they don’t want after all, or gently used items (like popular electronics) that shoppers sell back to Amazon.

These are all resold via Amazon Warehouse, usually at a steep discount. Virtually anything you can buy new on Amazon, you can also find on Amazon Warehouse. That includes everything from electronics and furniture to pet supplies and kitchen gadgets. The only difference? All the products are pre-loved (although many are like-new), and way, way .

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How Do I Find Amazon Warehouses?

The easiest way to start browsing the best Amazon Warehouse deals is at the official home page here. From there, you can simply click on the categories that interest you most and shop just as you would on the regular Amazon site. To search all of what Amazon Warehouse has to offer, you can simply open up the drop-down menu in the search bar and change the default “All Departments” option to “Amazon Warehouse”. The Amazon search bar is sorted in alphabetical order, so the Amazon Warehouse tab is only a few places down.

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How Does Amazon Warehouse Work?

Because Amazon Warehouse products aren’t new, Amazon uses a graded scale for each item so shoppers know the item’s condition before buying. Every item is graded with a 20-point quality inspection process for damage, packaging, and functionality. Here are the five categories you need to know:

  • Renewed: Think of this as “Amazon Refurbished.” It’s one of the best conditions available on Amazon Warehouse and usually indicates the item is like-new, with little to no wear. These also include an Amazon Renewed Guarantee, giving you 90 days to receive and inspect the product before deciding if you want to keep or return it.

  • Used – Like New: These items work perfectly and the packaging usually looks new too. We’ve bought Used – Like New Amazon Warehouse items that look like they’d never been touched.

  • Used – Very Good: One step below Used – Like Newthese items have been used very little, if at all, and the packaging is typically in very good shape.

  • Used – Good: Items in average condition that have probably been used, but still work perfectly. The packaging may be damaged or missing, or the item may come repackaged by Amazon.

  • Used – Acceptable: Well-used items that still function. Packaging is typically missing or damaged. These are the best deals available through Amazon Warehouse.

The great thing about every Amazon Warehouse purchase is that Amazon promises free replacements within 30 days if you’re unhappy with your order (and there’s an equivalent item in stock).

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Just know that it’s first come, first serve at Amazon Warehouse. Inventory is always extremely limited. If you miss out on a great deal on a specific product under a specific condition, there’s no telling if or when it’ll be available again. So, if you find something you really want, be ready to pull the trigger.

Here are some seriously great deals that are going, going … soon-to-be gone!

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