A new leak claims Google Magi AI bot could be integrated into search

A new leak claims Google Magi AI bot could be integrated into search

The tech industry and tech media have been hyperfocused on artificial intelligence (AI) since the release of ChatGPT. There has been buzz and reporting on the subject in the past, but it seems the intensity has snowballed. If Google Magi is a thing, we’ll see another increase in the hype.

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AI, in some form, has already been integrated into many things at many levels, but an AI bot like BardAI AI or ChatGPT is a leap forward from Siri or Alexa. We already know that Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into its search engine; now, a new leak has surfaced published by The New York Times that claims Google will follow suit by integrating Google Magi into Google search.

None of this is official, and the name Magi may or may not be the official name for the AI ​​search function within Google Search. TechRadar says, “This is based on internal documents leaked from inside Google, which also mentions making search more “visual,” more “snackable,” and more “human” – so make of those buzzwords what you will. Most of these changes should be arriving this year.”

AI Tim cook A new leak claims Google Magi AI bot could be integrated into search chatgpt

TechRadar says that Google Magi could be introduced at Google IO 2023 on Wednesday. This is an interesting development, as former Google engineer Blake Lemoine defended Google last week and claimed the company is being “safe and responsible” with its AI.

AI safety seems to be on the minds of many, with some being more concerned than others. Tim Cook came out over the weekend and said Apple was being “deliberate and thoughtful” when asked about AI at the company. Elon Musk has come out and asked for a pause in the technology to be evaluated to ensure it’s safe for humans. One thing is for sure; this will be a wild ride.

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Google Magi at Google IO 2023