3 cool things that are coming with the VW ID. 4 software update

Volkswagen of America is going to start an update program in the US for ID.4 software on 2021 models and certain 2022 models.

Volkswagen ID.4 Source: VW

VW. ID.4 software update

This first update is a prerequisite for future features, and those ID.4 owners who will be getting the update will be contacted by VW once they’re available.

Owners of 2021 ID.4s will be asked to book in-person appointments with their local dealer for the software update and replacement of the car’s 12-volt battery. Some owners of 2022 ID.4s will also be notified about software updates.

The latest ID.4 software update will make it easier for drivers to find Electrify America EV charging stations while they’re on the move. This will be a welcome feature, as VW customers who buy ID. 4s get three years of free DC fast charging on the Electrify America network.

The software upgrade adds a charge routing feature to the ID.4’s navigation system, and that will allow drivers to search specifically for Electrify America stations, as well as for specific charging speed levels at any station.

Another new feature that the software update will bring is called Auto Hold. Once drivers bring the ID.4 to a complete stop, they can release the brake pedal and Auto Hold stops the car from rolling until they press the accelerator pedal. If the driver doesn’t like this feature, they can deactivate it.

the ID. Cockpit digital display is also going to be able to show more information after the software upgrade. A state of charge percentage will join the existing battery icon and range on in the display.

The current drive mode will also be shown on AWD models, indicating whether the car is set to Eco, Comfort, Sport, Custom, or Traction.

The ID. Cockpit display will also show a trip computer adding current driving data and ambient temperature after the upgrade.

Electrek’s Take

I now drive a US-made 2023 VW ID.4, so my car already has these features, and they’re great. I’m glad to see VW roll out these upgrades to older ID. 4 models, as I now know that this will happen for my car in a couple years.

It’s a shame that the big automakers haven’t yet figured out how to do remote software updates like Tesla does. Remote updates are one of the best things about driving a Tesla, and other automakers would be more competitive if they did the same.

Also, there’s no sign yet of Plug & Charge. VW CEO Herbert Diess said in February in an AMA session on Reddit that Plug & Charge would surface by summer. Plug & Charge, when it finally arrives, will allow ID. 4 owners to power appliances from the car.

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Photo: VW

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